Provisional Art Spaces is an international association of curators and artists who create opportunities for spatial transference through artistic affiliations, environmental action and strategic productions. As an association, [PAS] uses territorial entanglement and emerging technology as vehicles for migratory art practices. Working in the United States, Asia and Europe, [PAS]offers an innovative model for contemporary art production that goes beyond the established art market and towards a more egalitarian embrace of viewers and audiences.

[PAS] Projects

VOLUME - Summer 2016

Volume:Walcot - June 7 & 8, 2016
Bath Annual Fringe Visual Arts Festival, Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BW

As a medium sound art, has its roots in Dada, the Situationist International and Fluxus. In the groundbreaking 1983 exhibition catalogue Sound/Art at the Sculpture Center in New York, the curator William Hellerman stated that “hearing is another form of seeing.” As an artistic medium, sound art focuses on the role of the viewer as a participant in real time and space. The show’s title, “Volume” reflects the many definitions of the word: a book, amount of space an object occupies and a measure of the intensity of sound. The sound files, address these various definitions while utilizing video-projected images, text and animation. The partner animations are images matched to sounds as well as physical objects (such as postcards, window stickers, laser-cut disks). Additional on-line content also enables viewers to access works post performance on their smart phones and computers. The sound/animation installation is an interchange between the artist, viewer and exhibition space resulting in an unpredictable and dynamic mix of sonic, visual and digital experiences.

Volume:Tachbrook - June 11, 2016
RUFUS STONE PERFORMANCE SPACE, Tachbrook Market, Pimlico, London: S.P.A.R. , Saturday

Provisional Art Spaces [PAS], is an association of artists and curators who create opportunities for spatial transference through artistic affiliations and strategic productions. Members Anna Novakov, born in Belgrade, and Artist Ron Hutt, both based in California, will install “Volume”, a work, like others by the group, which relies on the cacophony of public, city spaces as both subject and bridge between the artist and the audience. The show’s title, “Volume” reflects the many definitions of the word: a book, amount of space an object occupies and a measure of the intensity of sound.

Terrain Exhibitions
Oak Park, Illinois - December 6 - January 7, 2015 - 2016

Terrain Exhibitions first opened in 2011 and is committed to producing spontaneous interactions between the viewers and artworks by creating opportunities for artists to make site responsive installations that redefine the definition of public art. In a massive expansion for the 2nd Biennial, Terrain has reached out to sites all across the country as well as internationally. This year, the Biennial will include cities in Illinois near Oak Park–Chicago, Riverside, River Forest and Morris as well as traversing states and countries such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Memphis and Knoxville Tennessee; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Ashville, North Carolina; Dallas Texas; Oakland and Los Angeles, California; Viborg, Denmark; Ontario, Canada and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 75 artists and 3 collectives are creating site interventions at 60 locations. An interactive website will provide access to information, documentation and additional events for all sites. The 2nd Terrain Biennial is supported by a 2014 Propeller Fund Grant, the Guggenheim Foundation and a community supported Hatchfund Campaign.

Axis Mundi / Open Portals Project
St. Mary’s College Museum of Art - Moraga, California - October 4 - December 6, 2015

The Axis Mundi / Open Portals project utilizes horizontal and vertical panoramic photographs captured while crisscrossing the United States and Europe. Hutt looks for locations that reveal some life affirming connection to a unique set of physical and psychological features. Those features function as a creative catalyst for his art making practice and a provisional center of his personal world -- the Axis Mundi. The art works for this project emerge from the mapping of his unique cyber geography. They utilize techno-ritualized methods for the invocations of a mythopoetic consciousness in order to produce a set of networked and interactive art works. The pieces are available for download by viewers as a free offering to our interdependency as humans in this astounding world.

Provisional Art Spaces Booth
Pink Art Fair - Seoul, South Korea - 2015 and 2016

You are cordially invited to Pink Art Fair Seoul (PAFS) 2016 taking place at the hotel InterContinental Seoul COEX. PAFS 2016 will be the 5th edition. Please come and join this wonderful social art event. From the first year (PAFS 2011), there have been many artists and galleries from different part of the world such as Mexico, Russia, the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Malaysia, China, Norway, Italy, Switzerland & etc. PAFS have shown with many Korean young emerging artists, well known Korean artists and well known foreign artists as well. In the end of Feb. which is PAFS exhibition days, are when people are waiting for spring and start to celebrate for New Year after the long winter in Seoul. So, please come and join this authentic art exhibition party with us. Also there will be silent auction during PAFS in 950.

Provisional Haven Exhibition
Refusalon Gallery
San Francisco - March 15 - June 15, 2015

Featuring works by:
Yin-Ju Chen - Felipe Dulzaides - Ana Teresa Fernandez - Ron Hutt - Jennifer Locke - Sabina Ott - Bijan Yashar - Michelle Wasson

The San Francisco exhibition, Provisional Haven, contributes to the timely dialogue about technology and alternative art spaces. Provisional, references the current moment and temporary, fleeting sites. Haven suggests that art is a timeless sanctuary and refuge for both artists and viewers. The eight artists in the exhibition all engage with temporary, momentary spaces as well art as a haven for the unbound imagination. Anna Novakov’s curatorial point of view is the continually evolving role of technology and alternative spaces in contemporary art-making practices.

03.20.15 San Francisco Gallery Openings
Alan Bamberger -

[PAS] Press

Provisional Haven Catalogue
Provisional Haven Catalogue on

Pink Art Fair Catalog 2015

[PAS] Artist Links

Yin-Ju Chen (Taiwan)

Felipe Dulzaides (Cuba)

Ana Teresa Fernandez (Mexico/USA)

Jennifer Locke (USA)

Sabina Ott (USA)

Bijan Yashar (Iran/USA)

Michelle Wasson (USA)

[PAS] Founders + Associates

The organization, founded by Ron Hutt and Anna Novakov, is a network of curators and artists focused on creating opportunities for contemporary art in provisional urban and natural spaces. The completed projects utilize variable time durations and can last for a few hours, a day, weeks or years. We invite project ideas that have a light carbon footprint, are easily transportable (through drop box, mobile apps, etc.) and are conceptually innovative. Projects that include multiple artists in various locations around the globe are encouraged.

Ron Hutt (USA)

Anna Novakov (USA)

Daniel Acosta (Argentina)

Synne Bull (Norway) + Dragan Miletic (Serbia/ USA/ Norway)

Georg Dietzler (Germany)

Dejan Grba (Serbia)

Grace Rim (Korea)

Yvonne Senouf (Spain)

Marie Shek (Israel / France)